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Music in the Park- Danny Morris and the California All Stars 

Music in the Park Flyer

Nowadays when you hear the words country music, your mind probably conjures up images of pickup trucks, backwards baseball hats, and bros down by the lake beneath a pyramid of empty beer cans in the moonlight.
There was a time when country music meant something else entirely - especially in California where Buck OwensGram ParsonsMerle Haggard, and countless others were hard at work crafting a stripped-down, hard-driving, hard-drinking, hard-living style of country music far removed from the fake sheen of Music City, USA.
Danny Morris & the California Stars play that kind of country music.
The band’s lineup features past and present members of such notable regional and national acts as The Earl BrothersDave Gleason’s Wasted DaysThe Loved OnesThe McAllisters, and 50-Watt Heavy.
But don't mistake them for neo-traditionalists playing dress-up in fancy hats and cowboy boots - they also bring a healthy dose of rock and roll to the party, citing such diverse influences as The BandWilcoWhiskeytownSturgill SimpsonRobbie FulksBuilt to Spill and Lucero.
The result is a mix of classic country songs and rocking originals with a focus on the country music triumvirate - drinking, heartache, and murder.