Senior Activities

Senior Fitness

For the first time in human history most of us are living in an environment that does not require motion and movement for survival.  We move very little compared to our ancestors.  Yet the design of our “normal” bodies remains unchanged.  And that design, both in terms of function and maintenance, depends on continued motion and mobility.  The inability to play golf, tennis, garden or even play with our grandkids is not caused by the passing years or bad equipment – these are symptoms of dysfunction brought on by lack of motion.  I realized that people needed a therapy based, social, and fun setting to move and improve.  The Stretchercize Movement Therapy Program is an exciting, innovative, non-abusive, and socially fun method to improve stiff and sore joints, muscle tightness and weakness  and gain strength.  A major goal is to improve mobility and range of motion.  Instructor: Ken Nelson, LCMT, AMT

Stretchercize – Chair Fitness

Chair Movement Therapy.  This class is done sitting in a chair.  Do not be deceived, this class will work all major joints and muscles and is not designed to “beat you up” but to improve your body for the activities in life that you most desire.  The class is designed to work with all activity levels and is excellent for post physical therapy and/or approved Doctor’s release post medical intervention.

Location:   Arden Park Community Center
Times:      9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.
Dates:       Tuesday/Thursday
Cost:         $40 per month    $7 daily drop in fee
All equipment is provided by the instructor.
Instructor: Ken Nelson LCMT, AMT

Stretchercize – Better Balance

Better Balance Class.  This is a very active class designed to strengthen muscles and train your brain, muscles, vision and reflex reactions by putting you in situations where you need to think and move to develop better balance.  Movement requires mobility and balance.  This class will provide a structured, fun and social opportunity to train your balance.

Location:   Arden Park Community Center
Times:      11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Dates:       Tuesday/Thursday
Cost:         $25 per month    $7 daily drop in fee
All equipment is provided by the instructor.
Instructor: Ken Nelson LCMT, AMT

Spring / Summer Senior Special Events – all events held at Arden Park Community Center

April 29th – Friday  5:30 p.m.
Southwest Potluck & Board Games

Bring your best Southwest dish to share – Margaritas will be provided to add a special Southwest feel to the evening!!  Board Games will be available or bring your own if you have a favorite.

August 19th – Friday  5:30 p.m.
UN-Birthday Party and Potluck Dinner

Remember how much fun Birthday Parties were when you were a kid?! Cake, Games, friends and of course the presents!! Bring a gift for the Pirate Gift Exchange, and your favorite Potluck dish to share!! Wine is always welcome!

Dates and events are subject to change.

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