Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Dave Defanti- Chairperson
Bill Andrews
Jim Lites
Richard Heltzel
Matt Ross

The Board of Directors for Arden Park Recreation and Park District is made up of 5 elected officials. They are elected by residents within the District boundaries during the general election of even years in November. Each member serves a four-year term and the terms are staggered so as to have three members’ term expire in one election and the remaining members on the alternate date.

Board  Meetings

The Arden Park Recreation and Park District Board of Directors meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Arden Park Recreation and Park District Community Center located in Arden Park. The meetings are open to the public.

Board Meeting Agenda 

8.21.18 Board Meeting Agenda


Board Meeting Minutes

12.6.16 Board Minutes
1.17.17 Board Minutes
2.21.17 Board Minutes
3.21.17 Board Minutes
4.18.17 Board Minutes
5.16.17 Board Minutes
6.20.17 Board Minutes
7.18.17 Board Minutes
8.15.17 Board Minutes
9.7.17 Board Minutes
9.19.17 Board Minutes
10.24.17 Board Minutes
12.5.17 Board Minutes
1.16.18 Board Minutes
2.22.18 Board Minutes
3.20.18 Board Minutes
4.17.18 Board Minutes
5.15.18 Board Minutes


Fiscal Information

2017-18 General Fund Budget

2017-18 Benefit Assessment District Budget

2017 Audit


 SB 272 Compliance- Catalog of Enterprise Systems

AB 2040 Compliance Employee Compensation

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