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Cadets (Ages 9-12)


This program is for any 9 - 12 year old player. Focus is primarily given to individual technical skill development and execution. Our curriculum incorporates fun challenges and multi-skill combinations to continually challenge players as they work through a series of exercises that introduce basic to advanced 1v1 footskills and small group tactics. Focus is also given to increasing proficiency in core skills and correcting bad habits. Players work in an environment where they are encouraged to be creative and to gain confidence in using a variety of skills. This program is intended for all players, from new to soccer to competitive level-players.

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Age: 9-12 years

Fee: $84 Per session

Location: Arden Park Basketball Court-1000 La Sierra Drive, 95864

Days: Fridays

Times: 6:30-7:15pm

Session 1: April 19-May 10 (Make-up May 17)

Session 2: May 17-June 7 

Session 3: June 14-July 5 (Make-up July 12)

Session 4: July 19-August 9 (Make-up August 16)

Session 5: August 23-September 13 (Make-up September 20)

Session 6: September 27-October 18 (Make-up October 25)


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