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Swim Lessons

Arden Park provides a variety of different swim lesson types, including group lessons for all skill levels, as well as semi-private and private lessons. Please check below for descriptions of each swim lesson's skill level. Registration for swim lessons begins on Monday, May 16th at 9AM in the office and online at

Session Dates:

Session 1: Monday-Thursday, June 13-16 & June 20-23

Session 2: Monday-Thursday, June 27-30 & Tuesday-Friday, July 5-8 (No Monday lesson in observance of 4th of July)

Session 3: Monday-Thursday, July 11-14 & July 18-21

Session 4: Monday-Thursday, July 25-28 & August 1-4


Group: $55 Resident/$65 Non-Resident

Private: $150 Resident/$160 Non-Resident

Semi-Private: $95 Resident/$100 Non-Resident (If interested in semi-private lessons, register for the time you want on the Private Lesson section. Both children must be at the same swim level. You must come in person with both children and their guardians to sign them up.)

Lesson Times:

Morning Session

9:00am - P/SP, P/SP, P/SP

9:30am - P/SP, P/SP, P/SP

10:00am - P/SP,  PS, SR

10:30am - P/SP, P/SP, WE

11:00am - P/SP, PT, PS

11:30am - P/SP, SR, SD

12:00pm - PT, WE, PS

Afternoon Session

4:30 pm         P/SP, P/SP, P/SP

5:00 pm         P/SP, WE, SR

5:30 pm         P/SP, WE, PS

6:00 pm         PT, WE, SR

6:30 pm         P/SP, PT, PS

7:00 pm         P/SP, P/SP, SD

Lesson Definitions:

Parent and Tot (PT): Infants and toddlers between the ages of 6 months and 3 years with a parent in the water. Instruction focuses on familiarizing the children with water and includes fun and easy games.

Water Exploration (WE): Designed for toddlers between three and five years old who still have some doubts about the water. These students generally won't put their face or head under water and won’t venture far from the side of the pool unassisted. The Water Exploration curriculum aims to allay children's fears of water and to teach them the most basic motions of swimming (kicking and pulling).

Primary Skills (PS): Designed for children who have little or no fear of water, would submerge their head completely, and would walk away from the side of the pool in areas in which they could stand. However, Primary Skill students can't swim on their own. This lesson teaches floating, gliding, and movement skills with the goal of swimming 6-8 feet independently.

Stroke Readiness (SR): Designed for children who can swim 2-3 yards by themselves on either their stomach or back. Stroke Readiness students learn the basics of competitive front crawl (freestyle) and backstroke, including rotary breathing. At the completion of Stroke Readiness, students should be able to swim half the length of a short course (25 yard) swimming pool without help.

Stroke Development (SD): Designed for children who can swim front crawl (freestyle) and backstroke for 12 yards or more on their own. Stroke Development seeks to increase the sleekness and efficiency of a student's swimming by correcting mistakes in fundamental stroke mechanics and introduce them to competivite backstroke.


May contain: water, person, and human