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2022 Master Plan Update 

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What is a Master Plan? Glad you asked!

A Master Plan is a strategic planning document. It studies the existing parks and recreation facilities to identify a planning blueprint to improve, protect, and expand the District’s current recreation and park offerings into the future.

The Master Plan will provide both a long-term vision for the District, and specific policies and standards to direct the day-to-day decisions. It will set forth a framework that will allow the District to respond to new opportunities as they arise, and to ensure that adequate parks and recreation facilities meet the needs of current and future residents.

May contain: landscape, nature, outdoors, and scenery


The Master Plan is official! The Board of Directors approved the plan on August 23rd. 


Arden Park Master Plan.pdf





May contain: text and label

Upcoming Events

  • Master Plan update public comment period, beginning June 21st and extended through July 31st.
Draft Plan Comment Form.pdf


For additional information, questions, or concerns, please contact Colin Miller, General Manager at 916-483-6069 or


Project Process

1. Perform Existing Conditions Analysis – Complete

Perform Existing Conditions Analysis Results

2. Community Input Round #1 – What do you like now and what do you want in the future?  - Complete 

Linked Above in Perform Existing Conditions Analysis

3. Develop Concept Alternatives - Complete

Proposed Park Improvements.pdf

4. Community Input Round #2 – Recently Completed

Round 2_Dots_Preferred Design.pdf

 5. Final Master Plan Update - Draft available for Public Comment, June 21st through July 5th


Project Documents

1. Draft Master Plan

Draft Master Plan

2. Advisory Board presentation (3/15/2022)

Survey Results 

3. Webinar Slides (4/19/2022)

2022-04-12 Arden and Cresta Park Concepts.pdf

4. Webinar Recording (4/19/2022)

5. Advisory Board presentation (6/21/2022)

2022-06-21 Advisory Board.pdf


Reference Documents

2004 Master Plan